When you’ve made your small business both your livelihood and retirement plan, there’s a lot to sort out when you’re ready to sell it. Brian answers a question from the mailbag from someone ready to wash his hands of owning and running a storage facility. What can he do to avoid a big tax bill?

Another listener asks what he should know about a charitable lead trust. If you’re charitable and giving the money away anyway, it’s worth understanding how you can reduce your taxes. Brian asks his clients a lot of questions in order to help them find tax strategies that work with their financial goals. Are you ready to put together a comprehensive plan and tax strategy?

Here are the questions Brian answers on today’s show:

  • Mailbag: Ready to sell a storage unit facility, but how can I limit my taxes? (0:20)
  • Mailbag: What should I know about a charitable lead trust? (12:04)
  • How do I teach the next generation? (19:04)