The Value of Doing Something in Retirement

When you enter retirement, your first action may likely be to take advantage of the ability to do nothing. From your hammock swinging in the warm sun or cozy chair in front of the fireplace, you might be smiling, sipping your coffee, thinking, “I’m finally done with that nearly life-long daily grind.” But the bliss [...]

Finally, You Can Stop to Smell the Roses in Retirement

Retirement is a time for rest, relaxation, and a chance to sit back and appreciate all that we have gained. No longer do we have to rush around trying to meet deadlines or fulfill the demands of a boss. Instead, we can take the time to slow down and truly enjoy the moments we have [...]

These Classic Bands from the 60s and 70s Are Still Jamming!

Baby Boomers have certainly proved that retirement can be a time of not just rest and relaxation but of fun and adventure. As you enter this wonderful new phase of your life, there are famous bands and musicians from the 60s and 70s that are still on tour now, whose tunes and jams have uplifted [...]

4 Unconventional Vacations and Relocations

As generations leave the workforce, retirement culture resets and reshapes in unique ways. You may have seen your parents choose to retire at home or in their community, but Baby Boomers have taken a different approach to retirement by relocating further from their hometowns or staying on the road for their retirement years. If you’re [...]

3 Major Retirement Expenses to Include in Your Budget

General retirement planning advice says that you’ll need about 80% of your pre-retirement income in retirement, but this may not be the case for everyone. Inflation, taxes, and long-term care costs are easily overlooked - but these expenses could be high. When creating your retirement budget, don’t forget to include these three expenses. Taxes: How [...]

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