Don’t Forget the Tried-and-True Value of Compounding Interest

If you forgot what compounding interest was, let’s refresh. Compounding interest is the process by which the interest earned on an investment is reinvested so that the initial investment grows over time. It may not seem like it, but compounding returns is a powerful tool that can significantly increase the value of an investment over [...]

Finally, You Can Stop to Smell the Roses in Retirement

Retirement is a time for rest, relaxation, and a chance to sit back and appreciate all that we have gained. No longer do we have to rush around trying to meet deadlines or fulfill the demands of a boss. Instead, we can take the time to slow down and truly enjoy the moments we have [...]

Investing Like a Genius

What does it mean to invest like a genius? We talk about the common characteristics among intelligent people and how you can apply those characteristics to your investing strategies. Then, Brian answers two questions from the mailbag about money in retirement.

Let’s Talk Social Security

For most, Social Security provides a solid foundation for retirement income. In fact, as of September 2022, over 70 million Americans were collecting benefits.[1] However, not everyone knows exactly how or when to start tapping into this resource. As you grow older and retirement looms on the horizon, the decisions you make start to have [...]

Be the Financial Compass for Future Generations

Building towards retirement, you have made many financial decisions. Perhaps you maxed out your credit card on clothes in your early 20s or chose the wrong payment plan for your car loan or home mortgage. Regardless, you’ve navigated many financial obstacles and gained wisdom that can now be passed on to your kids and grandchildren. [...]

3 Pet-Friendly Houseplants to Grow

Life in retirement can feel a little slow and quiet, especially when you spend lots of time at home, have become an empty nester, or haven’t picked up any new hobbies. Plant parenting is a great way to fill up your time. It invests you in nurturing life, prompts you to learn new things, and [...]

How to Make Your Money Last

If inflation is the silent killer of retirement planning, what can you do about it? On today's show, Brian talks through the rule of 72, how it relates to inflation, and how understanding this rule can impact your financial plan.

2 Ways the 2022 Economic Woes Affected Your Retirement Accounts

The 2022 economic climate has been bumpy for most and, in some cases, even bumpier for retirees. Americans and the world at large dealt with the economic ramifications of the Russia-Ukraine war, post-pandemic industrial effects, and rising inflation and interest rates. As the year ends, it's important to understand how these economic factors may have [...]

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