Remember These Fashion Trends of the 60s & 70s?

It’s no doubt that, when it comes to fashion, the 60s and 70s carried the most vibrant, electric trends. Your generation has made the largest footprint in the world of fashion, creating iconic and stylish clothing that, even today, still resurfaces and remains just as cool. You may have already noticed the unexpected return of [...]

Revisiting 5 Books That Defined a Generation

Take a moment to consider the world around you. You may be experiencing unrelenting change in your life – the pandemic, economic turbulence, or our society’s increasing reliance on technology – and you may think things look or feel unfamiliar and hectic. But it’s important to remember that your voice and your unique experience as [...]

3 Ways to Cope with the Retirement Blues

Settling down for retirement after many years of work can feel like a sigh of relief, a moment to catch your breath and slow down. However, this shift in lifestyle can also bring up feelings of sadness, anxiety, and loss of purpose. Studies show that a third of retirees develop symptoms of depression,[1] especially those who [...]

4 Unconventional Vacations and Relocations

As generations leave the workforce, retirement culture resets and reshapes in unique ways. You may have seen your parents choose to retire at home or in their community, but Baby Boomers have taken a different approach to retirement by relocating further from their hometowns or staying on the road for their retirement years. If you’re [...]

How Baby Boomers Have Redefined Retirement

Before your generation, retirement had long been perceived as a time when life took a downward turn. But thanks to baby boomers, this perception has radically changed. Baby Boomers have been cool kids since their inception: introducing rock n roll, pop culture, mainstream technology, and now, reshaping retirement into a time of exploration, passion, and [...]

5 Smart Tips for Long Flights

One of the best ways to spend your retirement years is by traveling. Seeing the world and ticking off destinations from your bucket list can be exciting! But let’s be honest, the flights are miserable. Movement is restricted, and you sit in one position for hours. It’s important to take measures that make getting from [...]

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