It’s quiz time! How would you grade your financial competency? Join us as we ask some critical questions when it comes to your finances.  Stay tuned and test your knowledge by seeing how many of these questions you can answer! At the end of this episode, Brian will also answer a few questions from the mailbag.

From gauging your net worth to grasping your risk tolerance, these are fundamental aspects you should be well-versed in. If you don’t know the answers today, working with a financial advisor could help you better understand your situation and then create an integrated plan to help achieve your financial goals. No matter where you are, the time to plan is now. Your future self will thank you.

Here are the quiz questions as well as two questions Brian answers from the mailbag:  

  • Do you know how much you have? (0:29)
  • Do you know how much risk you have? (5:37)
  • Do you know what you’re paying in fees? (8:25)
  • Mailbag: I’m a beneficiary of my sister’s life insurance, but her ex says it should be his. (11:07)
  • Mailbag: Is it true that I need 15-20 times my annual salary saved to retire comfortably? (18:58)