Quick Tips for Filing Your Taxes This Season

Tax season is fast approaching, so you may find yourself with some important tax questions. This article will cover some of the pitfalls of this process to make sure that you get the most out of your taxes this year. Don’t file too early! You may be eager to file your taxes to get your [...]

Make Time to Celebrate Your Retirement

We celebrate many different major life events as we get older—birthdays, weddings, or the birth of children. Something you may want to celebrate is the end of your working years. Now that you’ve worked to set up a great life after working for so long, it can be a great idea to help avoid those [...]

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Your Mindset Toward Your Finances

The concept of retirement planning is simple. Despite changes in the economy or in life itself, the concept of planning your retirement has remained unchanged. We work, save, retire, and repeat for generations over. But while the concept may be the same, the puzzle has begun to evolve. In other words, individuals and families currently [...]

Healthy Habits You Should Never Forget in Retirement

When the New Year comes around, many people set out to create new goals for themselves. Some people vow to travel more, save more, or even make big lifestyle changes. While these are all great goals to have, they can be a little daunting and often take time to see through. So, why not start [...]

What is a CEPA? Learn How They Help Business Owners

In this episode, we’ll talk about the role the CEPA plays in the process and the decisions that need to be made during this exit process. If you’re a business owner and haven’t started thinking about retirement, this episode should be very valuable.

Protecting and Passing Down Your Financial Legacy

When it comes to passing on your wealth to your family, it is important to know the best ways to manage the process. An estimated 90% of wealthy families lose their wealth by the third generation, so if you are planning on leaving behind assets to your family, knowing the unique risks to the affluent [...]

Best Shows of Last Year You Should Watch

We're already into 2023, which means there will be many new television series and seasons to keep us occupied in the new year. But before we all get fixated on something shiny and new, you might want to catch up on these wonderful shows. Netflix's Dead to Me It's no secret that streaming services are [...]

Mailbag: How Can I Save on My Taxes?

In this episode, we have two great questions to answer that deal with managing real estate investments and the taxes associated with them. Brian will break down both of the questions and work through the process he would typically take to help someone determine an answer.

4 Tips for Proper Tax Filing

With the new year in full swing, tax season is just around the corner. Filing federal income taxes can be a long and complicated process, and mistakes are bound to happen here and there. As many of us know, these small mistakes can cost you big in tax returns and penalties. That's why it never [...]

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