How Baby Boomers Have Redefined Retirement

Before your generation, retirement had long been perceived as a time when life took a downward turn. But thanks to baby boomers, this perception has radically changed. Baby Boomers have been cool kids since their inception: introducing rock n roll, pop culture, mainstream technology, and now, reshaping retirement into a time of exploration, passion, and [...]

Mailbag: Do I Need to Start a Budget Before Retirement?

No one likes to talk about a budget, but is it wise to start one before going on a fixed income in retirement? Brian talks about what a budget or a spending plan can look like and why it matters. From investing choices to small business decisions, Brian answers three questions on today’s show.

Rediscovering the Value of Yields in Recessions

For decades, the name of the personal finances game has been an asset or equity growth. High-growth tech stocks grew to dominate the market, some of which have grown to be among the largest companies in the world. And if you owned stock in those companies while they made their meteoric rise, your overall wealth [...]

5 Smart Tips for Long Flights

One of the best ways to spend your retirement years is by traveling. Seeing the world and ticking off destinations from your bucket list can be exciting! But let’s be honest, the flights are miserable. Movement is restricted, and you sit in one position for hours. It’s important to take measures that make getting from [...]

How Often Do These Financial Situations Happen?

Is this common or rare? We go through five scenarios that may happen throughout your fi-nancial life. Brian shares how often he sees these situations occur among his clients and how he helps them navigate through it. You may be surprised by some of his answers!

3 Birthdays You Need to Know for Your Retirement Accounts

Optimizing your retirement savings takes more than just making sure your IRA isn’t at risk in this market. There are rules and regulations that can help you avoid higher taxes and penalty fees and help you structure your income to minimize taxes. Know these 3 ages that can help you get the most out of [...]

What Does the Life of a Dollar Bill Look Like?

When was the last time you stopped and thought about how long the dollar bill that’s in your pocket has been circulating through the economy? What has that bill seen? Whose pockets has it been in? What will it see next? Every year, the government prints millions of dollar bills a day. Here’s a quick [...]

Avoiding Retirement Catastrophes

What kind of retirement catastrophe can happen if you don’t plan? Right now, inflation is hitting hard, but that can often get overlooked. What other kind of hidden costs could you face? Getting sound advice on the whole picture could save you in the long-run. Later in the show, Brian answers three questions from the mailbag.

5 Unique Risks for the Affluent Investor

You may think that as a high-net-worth individual, or even a millionaire next door, you may have an easy road ahead in maintaining your wealth. But a greater amount of wealth to protect introduces unique challenges that are specific to the size of what they have to protect. Although many investing and wealth-preservation principles apply [...]

The Pros and Cons of Owning a Second Home

Second homes can be places for families to gather, lucrative investments, or a mix. Think about what your long-term goals are and how buying a second home would help you achieve them. Is it a place for your family to gather? A place for you to enjoy a particular natural landscape? Or is it a [...]

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