Real estate can be a very lucrative investment but it can also be a complicated piece of the portfolio to manage. Real estate has highs and lows, but like everything else in the financial planning world, it may or may not be a good tool for you.

In this episode, we have two great questions to answer about managing real estate investments and the taxes associated with them. Brian will break down both of the questions and work through the process he would typically take to help someone determine an answer.

As always, you’ll want to sit down with a financial professional to get the full picture of your situation, but hopefully this will give you some things to think about before you make your next real estate decision.

Here are the questions Brian answers today:

  • Mailbag question about minimizing taxes on real estate investments. (0:15)
  • Mailbag question on whether investing in an apartment property is worth it. (8:17)