How Often Do These Financial Situations Happen?

Is this common or rare? We go through five scenarios that may happen throughout your fi-nancial life. Brian shares how often he sees these situations occur among his clients and how he helps them navigate through it. You may be surprised by some of his answers!

Avoiding Retirement Catastrophes

What kind of retirement catastrophe can happen if you don’t plan? Right now, inflation is hitting hard, but that can often get overlooked. What other kind of hidden costs could you face? Getting sound advice on the whole picture could save you in the long-run. Later in the show, Brian answers three questions from the mailbag.

Are We In A Recession?

  What are the decisions you need to make now for your retirement, even if we’re in a recession? Brian talks about how to stress-test your plan and what to keep in mind. The big debate right now is whether or not we are in a recession. The market is heading back up, employment is [...]

The Silent Killer Of Retirement

  When retirement planning, inflation can leave you with far less than you thought. Brian shares what tools we can use to plan accordingly. Right now, inflation is hitting harder than usual, and it's often a silent killer when it comes to retirement planning. Is the rule of 72 a good way to know for [...]

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