Remember These Fashion Trends of the 60s & 70s? Integrity Financial Planning

It’s no doubt that, when it comes to fashion, the 60s and 70s carried the most vibrant, electric trends. Your generation has made the largest footprint in the world of fashion, creating iconic and stylish clothing that, even today, still resurfaces and remains just as cool. You may have already noticed the unexpected return of bell bottoms and flowing attire through your kids or grandkids. In truth, you were the blueprint for the current fashion waves. So, let’s go down memory lane to remember the best fashion trends of the 60s and 70s!

Reminisce on the Vibrant Patterns of the 60s “Mod” Style

If this was your style, you were typically seen in brightly colored, patterned clothing. Modern couture, known as “Mod,” was characterized by its classic geometrical patterns, shorter dresses, jumpsuits, and go-go boots for women. For men, it was loafers, pressed chinos, and tortoiseshell sunglasses. Popular hairstyles included thick bangs, pixie cuts, and bobs. Mod couture was all about creativity, freedom, and self-expression.[1] Those who followed it were the “cool kids” of the 60s, rejecting the more traditional ways of the 50s and giving youth culture a powerful presence in society. Modern couture stood shoulder to shoulder with the transformative music and art scene of the 60s and 70s.

Dance with the Disco Glam of the 60s and 70s

Evolving from the brightness of Mod couture, disco fashion was a staple of the 70s. Back then, a fun night may have entailed dancing at the disco-tech or rollerblading at the rink. Disco was funky, carefree fun. In the 70s, people were clad in colorful, dazzling clothing. People would typically be dressed in bell bottoms and bell sleeves, multicolored Huck-A-Poo shirts, halter necks, and platform shoes. Clothing also became more daring, encapsulating the expressive nature of your generation. No matter whether a guy or a gal, disco goers used their clothes as a means of self-expression, wearing bold patterns and flaring garments.[2] From disco culture, we also got the movie Saturday Night Fever starring John Travolta, which still has the youth of today partying on Saturday nights.

Get Loud with Punk Rock Style

Just like Disco and Mod couture, Punk was born to defy old traditions. It was about questioning the status quo regarding social status, hierarchies, and consumerist culture.[3] The fashion trend was originally a social movement with clear objectives, and those who followed this movement could be seen in black leather jackets, ripped clothing, spiked jewelry, and heavy eyeliner. Apart from the bold clothing, Punk introduced piercings, tattoos, and heavy rock music to mainstream culture.

Rediscover Your Youthful Side in Retirement

In all likelihood, you may not identify with these trends now, but when you were young, you may have expressed yourself by participating in these fashions! And guess what? Youth culture today still takes a page out of your generation’s book when it comes to fashion and cultural trends.

Thinking back to the thoughts, dreams, and ways of life you lived when you were young, you may feel driven to rediscover your passions from a new perspective in retirement. So, make sure you have a financial plan in place to achieve the retirement of rediscovery and exploration you dreamed of, and sign up for a complimentary review with us today.