4 Unconventional Vacations and Relocations Integrity Financial Planning

As generations leave the workforce, retirement culture resets and reshapes in unique ways. You may have seen your parents choose to retire at home or in their community, but Baby Boomers have taken a different approach to retirement by relocating further from their hometowns or staying on the road for their retirement years. If you’re one for adventure, then consider these unconventional vacation and relocation options!

  1. Vacation on a Cruise Ship

The concept of spending more time on a cruise ship is certainly gaining popularity as it becomes more accessible. As a water lover, you could spend your retirement years traveling to all sorts of destinations and seeing the world. Most cruises are staffed and have full services, such as dining and entertainment,[1] which gives you time to relax and enjoy the journey. If this is of interest to you, look up deals ahead of time, read up on the onboard lifestyle, check out routes you’re interested in, and ensure you have international health and travel insurance. You can even use your summer to take a 3-month cruise to experience the world!

  1. Getting Cozy in Your Cabin in the Woods

The simplicity of cabin living has attracted many to the woodsy lifestyle. Perhaps you’ve lived the city life and want more peace in retirement, or maybe you’re reminded of a simpler time while being in the woods. Whatever the case, getting away from all the busyness brings you closer to nature and offers a greener lifestyle than that of the city. Before committing to a cabin, spend some time there during different seasons of the year and experience the weather, community, and general surroundings.[2]

  1. Become a Mountaineer

Like the woodsy lifestyle, the mountains immerse you in nature and can be a great option if you want to step away from the busyness of life. Mountain communities may be in your home state or in a completely different area or country! These areas can be cooler and less humid, so ensure the weather conditions in your chosen community are suitable for you. If you plan to move states or purchase a vacation home, check out tax regulations and how they can affect your finances. Areas like Laconia, New Hampshire and Knoxville, Tennessee are examples of tax-friendly[3] states.

  1. Stay on the Road with RV Living

Over the years, RV living has been growing in popularity for lots of retirees. Many choose to leave their homes and live in RVs, touring the country and temporarily settling down in different cities. This is a great opportunity to travel and have your own routine. RV living can also be cost-effective if planned properly [4]. However, constantly traveling can be strenuous and demand extreme lifestyle changes. Therefore, it’s important to try it out for a short time before committing to it in the long term.

All these unconventional retirement vacations and relocations offer great adventure and can be fun challenges. Whichever way you choose to retire, remember to always put your financial, health, safety, and emotional needs first.

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