5 Post-Holiday Shopping Tips for Retirees Integrity Financial Planning

Holiday shopping can be stressful, and unless you took advantage of Black Friday or Cyber Monday, you might find it tough to find the deals you need to keep your gifts within your budget. Well, post-holiday shopping may be the perfect opportunity to take advantage of clearance sales on your favorite products and gifts.

Use Your Credit Cards Wisely

Credit cards come with many perks as well as a variety of interest rates. As interest rates continue to rise, make sure your credit card payments are on time, and your APR payments are at least manageable and taken care of before swiping your cards. If used properly, you can earn cash-back rewards with some cards that can actually help you save while shopping.

Search for Real Clearance Sales

Be careful when looking for sales. Some companies may claim to offer their products at extremely low prices when in reality, they haven’t marked items down compared to their previous prices. However, post-Christmas tends to be a great time to find the best deals, as many companies are more interested in getting their items off their shelves.

Shop Safely Online to Find a Variety of Deals

The internet can provide an ocean of opportunities for deals, but make sure you use reputable sites and sellers when searching for them. Don’t just give any company your credit card or bank account information. And even if you use a well-known distributor like Amazon, make sure to check if the seller is legitimate so you’ll receive a quality product.

Shop In-Store to Compare Prices

If you go to your local retailers, you may find great deals, as they quite literally may want to clear their shelves by offering great discounts. If you go to a mall, you may also be able to compare prices and get even better deals by bringing lower prices in a competing store to the attention of the store owner.

Plan Ahead!

Make sure you develop a shopping list, so you don’t get beat to the products you stand to save on!

When it comes to your retirement, planning ahead is the name of the game. If you have questions about how to fit your retirement strategy with your lifestyle and make the most of your savings and investments, Click HERE to sign up for a complimentary review with us at Integrity Financial Planning today.