When someone enters retirement, a common question they’ll get is, “What are you going to do next?” We talk about what that means for Brian’s clients and famous football players alike.

As football season nears, receiver Rob Gronkowski won’t be on the field but retired instead. While he’s done with football, his life isn’t over. Now, he’s trying to figure out what else he really wants to do with his life.

Even though most retire at an age much older than 33-year-old Gronkowski, you’ll likely want to do more than sit at home all day in retirement. What are you wanting to focus on? Having a healthy balance in regards to what you’re going to do in retirement is key. Maybe you’ll find something else you’re passionate about.

A lot of Brian’s clients have invested in real estate. Some call it a passive investment, but it actually involves quite a bit of work if you’re the landlord and need to make repairs. What happens when you want to transition out of it? Brian shares what he advises his clients who have real estate investments and what that does with their taxes.

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0:12 – Football receiver Rob Gronkowski is retired and has to look toward what’s next.

4:44 – Considering real estate investing?


A lot of investors get to a stage in life physically and even mentally that they can’t handle the headache of being a landlord.

-Brian Bowen