There are a number of common questions that come up around owning a home. From paying off the mortgage quick to selling off several acres of land, Brian shares what you need to know about this important asset. You may be surprised to learn how important your tax strategy is when it comes to real estate investments.

We also talk about what happens after someone becomes a widow and the financial decisions that come into play. Finally, Brian answers a question from the mailbag about who to turn to when it comes to advice regarding investments, taxes, and legal documents.

Here’s what you’ll hear on today’s show:

  • Should I try to pay off my home quickly? (0:27)
  • Your first call should be to a financial planner before a realtor before selling major real estate. (2:21)
  • Tax strategies can impact your financial decisions about selling real estate. (4:35)
  • How has Brian helped women navigate becoming a widow from a financial standpoint? (11:31)
  • Mailbag: Should I have all my investment, taxes, and legal documents all handled by the same firm? (19:34)