One listener recently inherited her father’s farm and an IRA and is thinking about cashing it all out in order to retire. Is this a good plan? Brian shares some of his own experience with moving and selling farm property. More than just the financial aspects of selling a family farm, there’s an emotional attachment you’ll want to consider. There are a few other options to think through besides selling.

Brian also shares his philosophy as a financial planner. Finding someone who is the right fit for you and can create a comprehensive financial plan can make a huge difference in your overall outcome. He outlines what an ideal client looks like and how he can help them reach their financial goals.

He’s what we’ll discuss in this episode:

  • Mailbag: After inheriting the family farm, is there anything wrong with selling it and retiring? (0:12)
  • What is Brian’s financial planning philosophy? (11:33)
  • What happens when people take the right amount of risk? (15:15)