Lessons From SNL For Your Financial Future

The Principle:

Comedy pokes fun at reality, so Brian talks about an SNL skit and what you can learn from it. Then, he talks about the important numbers in retirement, your financial future and your family, and simplifying your retirement accounts.

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Honest Takes:

[00:17] – Learning From Comedy

  • In a Saturday Night Live skit, an advisor is brutally honest with his clients. There’s a hint of truth to it as some advisors are overly vague and untrustworthy. This is why it’s important to have an advisor who is on your side and can tell you what your financial documents mean.

[3:25] – Most Important Retirement Numbers

  • Allan Roth, Wealth Logic founder, told Time Magazine there are specific numbers to know as a part of the retirement management process. People sometimes don’t realize that they have extra expenses during retirement. You are not aware of what you will spend because you don’t know what is going to happen.
  • The most important numbers according to Brian’s book, The Retirement Blueprint, are cash flow and budget.

[8:49] – Care For Yourself First

  • Brian talks about how everyone loves their kids, but sometimes adults sacrifice their financial future too much for the sake of their kids or kids’ college. It’s important to have enough to survive on in retirement. It’s a bit like being on an airplane; you need to put your own mask on first. You can get loans for college, but you won’t be able to work at age 70 like you did at 40.

[13:10] – Tracking Down Lost Money

  • If you’ve switched jobs or don’t know about your pension benefits, have your advisor help you keep it simple and combine what you have. 

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