The Only Financial Resolution You Need to Make

What is Your Financial Resolution?

I’m sure you’ve made plenty of resolutions, but what about a financial resolution? If you’re like me, you’re already tired of all the New Year’s articles and commercials attempting to appeal to your newfound resolve to lose weight, organize, and otherwise be a better you.  We all feel that need to make a fresh start, but studies have shown that unless there is a clearly defined goal, only 8 percent of us actually achieve those goals.  How much success will you have if you just say, “I want to lose weight” versus “I will lose 10 pounds by March 31”?  Financial health and financial goals are no different than weight loss goals.  If you don’t know where you’re going, you probably won’t get there.

What Should I Do First?

Baby steps are a great way to achieve a goal without taking too big a bite and becoming overwhelmed.  Many of us do that with our financial lives, but often with less than stellar results.  We throw a little money at an investment product and don’t understand why we aren’t much farther ahead at the end of a year (or often many years).  The problem is, there is no overall plan that considers all the factors impacting, and impacted by, that investment.  Even if you articulate the “10 pounds by March 31” goal but don’t consider that you are going on a 10-day cruise with midnight buffets in February, your goal might still be unrealistic.  If you consider a calendar and plan how you will approach each week’s eating and exercise, being specific about which days you will walk after work and how many calories you will eat per day, that cruise will then be nothing more than an element of the plan.  You can enjoy the temporary lack of willpower without worrying that it will sabotage your overall goal, because it is part of the plan.


They key to success is to have a plan. Contact Brian Bowen to set a financial resolutionUse your New Year’s resolve to make one powerful, but infinitely simple, goal:


It truly is that simple, because once you’ve done that, the heavy lifting (pun intended) is on us.  We’ll work to understand where you are in your financial life and what you hope it can be.  We’ll put together your personal blueprint and implement strategies that get you moving forward.   We will continue to walk that path together with you, adjusting as new opportunities and obstacles impact the plan.

So, What Now?

No more excuses or vague, “I’ll get my finances in order” resolutions.  Call us at 540-266-3100 and make a New Year’s resolution you can absolutely follow through with.  We can’t promise you’ll lose those ten pounds, but we can promise to lift a weight off your shoulders.

Ready to make your resolution? Contact Brian and his team today.

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