Chatting with Reba McEntire about Financial Needs

My wife, Sheri, and I recently had the awesome opportunity to not only meet, but interview, Reba McEntire while she was on tour.  Her entertainer persona isn’t far from who she really is—a true country girl, grounded, charming, and a smart business woman to boot.  Wildly successful and therefore tremendously busy, she knows she needs expert help to manage her career and finances, including investment advisors, attorneys, and accounting and tax pros.  They make the most of her business decisions, allowing her to focus on what she does best.

Most of us don’t lead such complicated lives, so it’s easy to believe we don’t need the support of those knowledgeable professionals.  In truth, the stakes may be even higher for the average person who doesn’t have the same resources to fall back on if they don’t get it right!  Who do YOU lean on when financial decisions need to be made?  Are they all working together to provide an orchestrated financial plan for you?

The adage, “you don’t know what you don’t know” applies more than ever in our increasingly complicated world, and you could be missing important opportunities to secure a financial future for you and your loved ones.  Have you been working with a qualified financial planner who understands your whole situation, or getting “tips” from here and there and hoping one of them is a winner?  Call us to find out how our team approach covers all the facets of your financial life to produce a customized plan that makes you a success (voice coach not included).  You can get back to doing what you do best and leave the financial planning to the experts.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts to hear more about my interview with Reba on how good financial planning has made a difference in her life!