Integrity Financial Planning Services

When you work with Integrity Financial Planning, you’re developing a plan that is custom-tailored to your retirement goals. We’ll walk through a discovery phase before we ever create that plan to ensure you understand what products and strategies are used and why they’re being implemented.

Our Discovery and Planning Process

Phase 1: Goals

We start with a set of questions that will help us gain a deep understanding of who you are and what is important to you. We want to see your dreams and concerns from your perspective.

Phase 2: Plan Development

After understanding your goals, we help design strategies to fit your lifestyle and take into account how one strategy impacts other concerns, including taxation, opportunity cost, and risk tolerance.

Plan Implementation and Optimization

Phase 3: Implementation

Now we begin executing your goals for the future. We’ll work together to execute the plan, including organizing your finances, making any workplace benefit adjustments, adopting an investment policy, and making strategic tax decisions.

Phase 4: Ongoing Plan Optimization

Through constant monitoring, we can integrate changes to your plan and help ensure that your plan continues to meet your needs.

What to expect when you work with Integrity Financial Planning

Have you been procrastinating speaking with a financial planner? Talking about finances can be uncomfortable, but it doesn’t have to be. By working with someone you rely on, you can rest easier knowing your finances are in good hands.

We understand building trust takes time. On your first visit, we will focus on establishing a strong relationship with you, not selling a product. Since we uphold the fiduciary standard, what we do has your best interest at heart. We will only offer recommendations for your retirement strategy once we have a thorough understanding of your concerns, needs, and goals.

To discover how we can help you along your retirement planning journey, please read our products and services below:

Income Tax Planning

Work with our in-house team of financial professionals to develop a tax strategy that meets your current financial needs while working toward your future goals.

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Investment Planning

When planning for retirement, it’s important to have an investment strategy that matches your stage of life, financial goals, and risk tolerance. Our team can help identify the investment tools to help you achieve those needs.

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Legacy Planning and Charitable Giving

Creating a retirement plan for today is important, but equally as important is your legacy plan for the future. We’ll help you create a legacy plan to give to the people and causes you care for the most once you’re no longer here.

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Retirement Planning

Retirement isn’t just a moment when you leave the working world — it requires a solid plan that accounts for how you’d like to live. At Integrity Financial Planning, we’ll help develop a plan that looks at your current financial picture and how you’d like to spend your retirement years.

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Additional Services We Offer:

• Risk Management and Insurance Review
•College Planning