Working With the Right Professionals

Working with a professional has a lot of advantages when it comes to your retirement. Are you working with someone on a strategic plan for taxes in retirement?

Just what would you be willing to do to retire early? One survey says a third of Americans say they would give up shopping for two years and eight percent would be willing to give up the family pet! Are you ready to sacrifice to retire early?

Everyone’s ideal retirement situation is different. Many choose not to retire early or even at a typical retirement age because they love their job and want to continue working. Retirement is more than simply sitting on the front porch. Whether you want to give back at a nonprofit or pour into the next generation of workers, there are a lot of options for how you can spend your time and money in retirement.

Are you planning to give to charity? You may want to create a tax strategy to ensure your plan works toward your goals. Not just someone who files your taxes before the deadline, but someone who can help you think strategically about what to do with your money as well as your time in retirement. This may mean starting something like a charitable lead trust to allow you to give while still getting the tax deductions.

Work with a financial advisor as well as others who can help you create a strategy that works for your situation and make sure your retirement is a success.

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Honest Takes:

[0:12] What would you sacrifice in order to retire sooner?

[3:44] Are you working with someone to create a tax strategy?

Today’s Truth:

“Looking at those things and having someone identify and put the puzzle together for you helps.”

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