Winning the Retirement Game

The Principle:

Are you playing the lottery or planning for retirement? On today’s podcast, we discuss the difference in these tactics and consider what a good plan for retirement includes.

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Honest Takes:

We’ve all dreamed about winning those giant jackpots of the lottery. Do you have to be super lucky to win the lottery? Or do you need to be a math genius to win when it comes to retirement?

Instead of being a math whiz yourself, take advantage of working with financial professionals. From tax attorneys to financial advisors to even technology tools, there are a lot of resources that can help you determine the best way to invest and prepare for your future.  

Some people go wild in Vegas or with lottery tickets.

Is that how you approach retirement? Or are you more conservative in your approach? Are you paying attention to your taxes? Do you save more than you spend? Do you have a strategy and are you sticking to it?

Working with a credible professional who can help show you the math helps you make wise decisions each year. As those years add up, it also helps you prepare for retirement. What is your lucky or wise strategy for retirement?

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[0:15] – Do you know anybody who has ever won the lottery?

[2:41] – Do you have to be a math genius to win at retirement?

[5:23] – Are you playing to win the inning or win the game?

[7:01] – When you are retired you need income from your investments.

[9:22] – Are your retirement savings and Vegas behavior similar?

Today’s Truth: