Winning Financially With A Good Defense

How can you determine your risk tolerance and set up your investments in a way that will result in success? Today, Brian explains the maximum drawdown and how that relates to your financial plan

Honest Takes:

With football season back, we are back to watching some great matchups. A high-scoring game is fun to watch, but is that what wins football games? Retirement author Patrick Kelly says there are advantages to both offense and defense but a good defense is the formula for winning, especially in our retirement plan.  

Is it possible to not have a loss when it comes to your investments? What is your reaction when the market goes down? Brian says the clients that are able to prevent their emotions from overtaking their investment decisions do best. Over the long term, you need to stick to your plan in order to make sure you accomplish your goals.

Is it ever worthwhile to invest in collectibles? It’s not always about the financial value, it can hold sentimental value. When estate planning, you may want to consider who these things pass down to. Estate planning is a constant thing that you need to pay attention to. Reach out to a financial advisor to make sure your financial plan aligns with your goals and needs.

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[0:12] Football is back! Which is better: a high score or a good defense?

[4:54] What happens if things go bad?

[6:08] Do you have collectibles?

Today’s Truth:

“t’s not just about who you’re investing in, it’s about over the long-haul sticking to your plan.”

Brian Bowen


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