What’s Your Financial Health?

The Principle:

How would you rate your financial health? Is it thriving? Or is it failing? Or maybe somewhere in between? Let’s find out. 

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Honest Takes:

Do you have an idea of how you’re doing when it comes to your finances? How do you know if you are on track? Figuring out your financial health now will help you know more of your projected outlook, such as when you will be ready to retire as well as if your fees are reasonable or outrageous. 

When it comes to your financial plan, you’ll want to find out whether or not you are making major mistakes along the way. Just like getting a second opinion after seeing a doctor, sometimes you’ll need a second opinion on your finances to make sure you get the correct diagnosis and plan of action. Some things are better to DIY than others.

We all make mistakes from time to time, but when and how you recover can make all the difference. Getting to a financial advisor who can help sooner, rather than later, is key to keeping a strong and healthy financial future.

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[0:16] – How to find out your financial health.

[2:15] – Are you making mistakes and if so, is there time to recover?

[4:04] – Listeners of the show recently came in wondering what was wrong with their financial plan.

[7:21] – A client in Lynchburg checked their variable annuity and got out of it.

[8:20] – It’s important to realize when you don’t understand or need help.


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