What Is A Successful Retirement?

The Principle:

When considering retirement, you need to define your measurement for success. Defining that now will set your path in the years leading up to retirement. Brian talks about the different strategies you should consider for a successful retirement. He also discusses the potential for a bear market.

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Honest Takes:

[0:15] What Does It Mean to be Successful in Retirement?

  • CBS Business Analyst Jill Schlesinger believes it’s all about confidence and having a retirement account.
  • Brian says a retirement account helps with growth.
  • Do you know where your retirement income will come from? Is it in the right place now?
  • Real estate is a great investment tool. It’s not all about the stock market.
  • Strategy is key for managing your investments.
  • Brian shares a client example of someone who wanted to sell their business. He helped them think through the proper tax strategies to consider.

[8:15] The Biggest Threat to Your Future in a Bear Market

  • The buy and hold method works pretty well when you have a few hundred thousand dollars or less.
  • You can look at fixed income options.
  • Ask how much risk you can (or need to) take.
  • You have to be careful about mutual funds and exchange-traded funds.
  • Brian explains revenue sharing.

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