Warren Buffett Takeaways: What’s Your Stock Market Strategy?

With a volatile stock market, you might wonder if now is your opportunity to buy low in the stock market. But is this really the bottom? What kind of example do we see people like Warren Buffett setting?

Honest Takes:

When we look at the economy, right now the government is bailing everybody out. So, what should we be doing with our money? Is this really the bottom or will we be facing a major recession soon? Whose example should we follow?

Warren Buffett speaks with his money. Currently, he’s not ready to jump into the stock market with a lot of cash. So, should we? In 2008 he was buying tons of stocks, but right now he’s on hold. Do his decisions reflect the kinds of decisions we should make?

A lot of your decision comes down to what kind of risk you are willing to take. Consider what sort of strategy you have with your investments. Are you being more aggressive or conservative? Why?

Then, consider the fees. Do you know what your mutual fund is costing you? What do all of your fees consist of and include? And are you okay with that cost?

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[0:16] – What is Warren Buffett doing with the company?

[1:15] – Should we be reluctant to jump back into the stock market?

[3:18] – What does Brian tell his clients?

[4:12] – What kind of risk can you take?

[6:53] – Are you familiar with the fees you are being charged in investment accounts?

[8:54] – What’s the real cost of owning a mutual fund?