The Perceived Value Of Variable Annuities

The Principle:

In honor of Suze Orman celebrating her birthday, Brian talks about some of her opinions regarding variable annuities. Are they a good fit for you?  What do you need to consider? Let’s talk about it.

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Honest Takes:

[0:15] How long should your money last?

  • Successful financial guru, Suze Orman, has always been a big proponent of financial planning. 
  • She says you could get hit by a car or have a random injury – and she’s right.
  • You should plan until you’re 90 or 100, you just don’t know what will happen.

[3:28] Variable annuities

  • Suze Orman was a financial advisor in the past, and she also did a video explaining variable annuities.
  • Brian shares a client example of someone who was stuck with a variable annuity.
  • If anybody is trying to sell you a variable annuity, you need to find another advisor (even if they are nice).
  • There are a lot of things you can invest in, whereas the variable annuities have five SEC cautions.
  • Find out the fees of your current investments.
  • Dave Ramsey has also blasted variable annuities.

Today’s Truth:


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The Host:

Brian Bowen, President of Integrity Financial Planning, has provided financial and retirement planning services to clients across the country.



Brian Bowen of integrity financial planning based in roanoke virginia discusses suze orman and her take on variable annuities