The Need To Get Back To Work

The Principle:

Coronavirus has kept many from being at work, whether that’s due to stay-at-home orders or from being laid off. We talk about how important it is to get back to work in today’s episode.

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Honest Takes:

If you head to a restaurant right now, you may eat some amazing food but also see some of the harsh realities small business owners are facing right now. Brian shares about a recent conversation with a restaurant owner facing uncertainty, especially as they can only have 50 percent occupancy.

From sports to large businesses, we’re all trying to figure out how to move forward. Amidst shutdowns, we are all struggling to find a way to get everyone back to work safely. NASCAR is planning to have a race with some fans in attendance in June and college football is working toward being in play come fall.

While we are largely still shutdown right now, what are some of the consequences? From economic impact to personal wellbeing, what is the impact that we are currently experiencing beyond the virus itself?

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[0:16] – What restaurant owners are facing right now.

[2:24] – The complexity of social distancing right now when in reduced capacity.

[3:49] – How sports have been impacted and plan to move forward 

[5:21] – Articles in the news citing coronavirus outbreaks.

[6:38] – Some of the consequences caused by the shutdowns.



Today’s Truth: