The Client Experience with a Good Financial Advisor

What can you really expect when working with an advisor who has your best interests in mind? How much can you withdraw in retirement? Find out how Brian approaches his work with clients.

There are a lot of financial advisors in the world, but they aren’t all good ones. Some can be pushy or sell you things you don’t want or need. A fiduciary however should have your best interests in mind. This might mean better tax planning. Whether you are a business owner or a retiree, you want to be very strategic about your taxes. Work with an advisor who is going to strategize alongside you on everything from financial planning to taxes to estate planning.

When it comes to withdrawing from your account in retirement, how much can you really take at a time? The four percent rule is often used, but does that still apply given the rate of inflation? Brian talks about clients who are too aggressive with their withdrawals and what he advises them to do instead.

Consider what you want your life to be like in retirement. You may start with travels to faraway places like Paris or Alaska, but will you have enough money for later on? Others may choose to work until they are 75 because they enjoy work so much. Everyone has different goals, which means a different strategy is key. Instead of a cookie cutter investment portfolio, you may want a customized plan that will be most suited to your needs and goals in retirement.

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Honest Takes:

[0:12] How does Brian stand out from other financial advisors?

[5:06] Does the four percent rule still apply with inflation?

[6:49] Brian shares about a client who chose to spend too much.

Today’s Truth:

“You want to see somebody who is really going to take the time, have the vested interest in you, look at every area that you’re looking at: financial planning, taxes, insurance, gifting, wills, estate planning, everything!”

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