Teaching Kids About Financial Literacy

How can you instill wise financial decisions at a young age? Brian shares his favorite financial app for kids and teens and how these healthy habits can pay off in the long-run.

Inflation means that prices for everything is going up. Delta Dental found in a poll that kids received more than $5 a tooth from the “tooth fairy” this year! Is this a teachable moment for your kids?

Brian talks about the app called Greenlight for kids to earn money doing chores or spend it with a debit card. There are also opportunities to invest that money, which helps older kids see how their choices impact their finances. This helps teach some of the lessons on how to invest, save, and spend wisely.

As a financial advisor, Brian has a lot of conversations with people making decisions that go well beyond simply the stock market and investments. What decisions are in your best interests? Having a coach really helps you to think through your financial decisions.

Are you hoping to retire early or have a set retirement age in mind? Make sure to factor in inflation, Social Security, and stock market volatility. That could change your path and plan. Reach out to a financial advisor to see if you’re on track to achieve your financial goals and where you need to pivot.

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Honest Takes:

[0:12] – Brian talks about finding teachable moments for kids.

[3:35] – Saving money and making wise decisions adds up.

[6:06] – Do people typically have a target retirement age?

Today’s Truth:

“Probably about 80% of our conversations aren’t actually about the stock market and investments–it’s about all the other things in life they’re trying to figure out.”

Brian Bowen


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