Should You Buy Long-Term Care Insurance?

The Principle:

Have you ever considered long-term care insurance? We all need to be prepared for the possibility of long-term care. But when it comes to buying LTC insurance it’s hard not to get sticker shock. Should you consider it as a part of your financial plan?

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Honest Takes:

If long-term care insurance is outrageously expensive, what do you do? Do you pay the high premiums or do you take the risk and go without?

It isn’t an easy decision to make, but sometimes you have to consider your source of information. If you go to a LTC insurance specialist, they will sell you long-term care insurance. But what about with a financial advisor, what will they tell you?

You have to look at your assets and guaranteed sources of income (such as pensions or social security). Look at the math and see if it adds up. If you were to invest it over time, will you be able to make more in an investment account? It offers protection, but is it something you should have for thirty years? How much money could you otherwise invest?

Deciding to buy it is not about the right or wrong answer. It’s a matter of looking at your situation to determine what will be most beneficial. Have a comprehensive retirement plan, which includes how to pay for long-term care if needed.

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[0:18] – The premiums of long-term care is pricing half of baby boomers out of the market.

[1:50] – Do you need it?

[2:39] – Look at the math.

[4:57] – If something happens, how will you pay for both you and your spouse?

[6:28] – Consider the opportunity cost.


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