Setting Retirement Goals

What do you need to keep in mind when it comes to retirement goals? Are you setting realistic and healthy goals or taking on too much risk?

Shark Tank investor Daymond John reads over his goals every night before going to bed. Do you write out and then review your goals regularly? Brian shares how he helps his clients set goals.

Consider what you want to do in retirement. You might think your goal is simply to retire. But you probably will want to think about how you’ll fill your time. There might be ways you can work that is still on your terms and in a fulfilling way. Helping other people might bring you the gratification you’re looking for in retirement. 

Are you taking unnecessary risks with your money? Think about what you really need and what the risk is worth. You might not need as much. Money can’t buy you happiness. The goal that you need to have in retirement is: what can my money do for myself, my family…but also others?

People are getting greedy in things like real estate or cryptocurrency. Money is flowing into real estate with investors right now. Are you putting too much at risk in your greed? What do you need to be aware of and reconsider when it comes to risky investments?

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Honest Takes:

[0:12] What are your goals?

[6:31] How does greed get in the way of our retirement plans?

Today’s Truth:

“The goal that you need to have in retirement is, ‘What can my money do for myself, my family…but also others?’”

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