Protecting Your Financial Investments, IRAs and Pensions

The Principle:

Whether you are invested in IRAs or in a company promising a pension, you want to make sure your financial investments are protected. How do you do that (without losing out on the growth)?

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Honest Takes:

We all want a certain sense of security when it comes to our financial investments and assets. You want the nest egg available in retirement, especially after spending so many years working hard to earn it.

How do you protect your investments and your retirement? Whether you have real estate, bonds, fixed annuities, or the stock market, there are several ways to invest conservatively in your retirement. Do you have something in place to adjust for the market or a recession if the perfect storm hits right when you’re ready to retire?

Are you ever too old for an IRA conversion to a Roth? Brian works with a number of clients who are doing it, but every situation is different. It’s about taking advantage of the situation right now.

When it comes to pensions, Murray Energy’s bankruptcy made headlines as workers fear for their pensions. GE is another company facing a deficit of pensions and instead offering employees a lump sum. If given the option between a lump sum payout or a pension check every month, which is better?  

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[0:24] – Warren Buffett talks about someone always coming after you and your “castle.”

[0:52] – How do you protect your retirement funds?

[3:27] – Ed Slott was asked if you are ever too old for an IRA conversion to a Roth.

[5:27] – What do you do if clients are nervous about pensions? 

[7:24] – Should you take a lump sum or guaranteed income for life?


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