Protecting Your Capital

What options do you have when it comes to protecting your assets and investments? Brian discusses our current economy and shares what some of his clients have been doing about it.

With interest rates up and the stock market down, what’s the silver lining? How can we protect our hard-earned capital and look for other opportunities? Brian says it really depends on the client and what their financial needs and goals are. What is your risk tolerance score and how well are your investments aligned with that?

There’s been a lot going on from geopolitical events to supply chain shortages that adds to the current situation. Some don’t trust the current administration and some are worried about what the market will do next. Where can you keep money protected? Consider what your options are and the alternatives.

Where can you find a guarantee for safety? Is the rate you will get in return worth it? Brian talks about clients who invested and have had a hard time with the risk they experience. With recent drops, it might be hard to stomach the risk, but consider the long-term plan. Whether you are looking at real estate or bonds, you can’t really guarantee total protection. So, what’s your best option to achieve your financial goals?

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Honest Takes:

[0:12] – What’s the silver lining of today’s market?

[4:46] – What’s guaranteed and protected?

Today’s Truth:

“We have real estate we can move you into, we’ve got bonds, but guess what? Those aren’t guaranteed.”

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