Paying More And Paying Attention

The Principle:

Do you want to pay more in taxes? How much attention should you give to the stock market? Brian answers these key questions in today’s podcast and explains why. 

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Honest Takes:

[0:24]Want to Pay More In Taxes?

  • Most people would rather keep the money they’ve earned.
  • Warren Buffett once said he thought the rich were undertaxed.
  • Tax planning should take longer than five minutes. You need to determine what you’d like to accomplish.
  • Brian shares the story of a couple who were making a lot of charitable contributions. They needed a tax strategy.
  • Ask yourself, “What are my hopes, dreams, and goals?” Then strategize how to accomplish those goals with your money.
  • Make sure to find a comprehensive financial planner.

[7:02]Do You Pay Attention to the Stock Market?

  • What is a long-term investment? At least three years.
  • Brian shares about potential clients who only want to put money in low-risk investments.
  • Don’t pay attention to the stock market every day. It’s a long-term game.
  • If you have short-term needs, set money aside in short-term investments.

Today’s Truth:


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