Misinformation About Annuities

The Principle:

Do you know all there is to know about annuities? What about how much you’ll need in retirement?

Honest Takes:

A recent survey of Baby Boomers showed that 70 percent of them felt it was important to have guaranteed monthly income. Only about a third of them knew they could get this with an annuity. What do you think of annuities?

Some people feel distrust toward annuities, certain it’s not something they want. But what is an annuity? Are they all bad or are some of them worth considering as a part of your plan? What are some of the downsides or perceived value of annuities?

Beyond annuities, how much money do you need in retirement? Men and women may argue about a number of things, including whether or not you have enough saved for retirement. Brian sees a bigger percentage of women who are more financially conservative and wanting to save for the future.

If this is an argument in your home, how can you solve it? Sometimes it takes a third-party opinion to settle it. Meeting with a financial advisor could help you both get on the same page with your retirement saving needs and financial plan.

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[0:15] – What’s a good guaranteed monthly income in retirement?

[1:23] – What is an annuity?

[4:45] – Men and women argue about a lot of things, such as how much money you need.

[6:16] – How can you settle the financial argument?

Today’s Truth:

“Everybody’s different. Risk is not a right or wrong answer.”

Brian Bowen


The Host:

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