Making Good Decisions About Risk and Retirement

In the news, we’re hearing a lot about inflation and the stock market. What do you need to watch out for and what does Brian have to say about it?

What Warren Buffet has to say about managing a portfolio might be a bit different than what’s best for you. What does Brian think you should pay attention to? When balancing assets in your portfolio, remember to keep the whole picture in mind. Brian takes his clients through a process and evaluate possible volatility in the market to come and how it could impact your portfolio.

Are bonds the safer way to go? Consider what a bond is and if it fits in your portfolio. Are you aware of the risk that you are taking on? Does it match your risk tolerance level?

Tom Brady is looking forward to his 23rd NFL season after unretiring. The joke goes that it’s his wife who was ready to send him back to work. For those of us who don’t feel the same level of flexibility to jump in and out of retirement, what are your options? Brian says you might not be ready to retire, but maybe you can find a different job that’s a better fit until your finances are in line.

Sometimes people are burnt out of their current positions. Maybe you “retire” but still work part-time for a regular paycheck but added flexibility. You could be a consultant or run your own business or find part-time work elsewhere to work at your pace. This will allow you to still meet your financial goals and prevent you from withdrawing money from your accounts. Whether you want to work longer or are ready to get out of your current career, reach out to a financial advisor to see how it fits into your financial plan.

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Honest Takes:

[0:12] – How do you balance assets in a portfolio?

[4:16] – What do you do if you’re not ready to retire?

Today’s Truth:

“Bonds are very hard to understand…so you have to be aware of the risk.”

Brian Bowen


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