Takeaways From Jeff Saut’s Market Predictions

The Principle:

No one has a crystal ball, which is why predictions can only be trusted so far, so what does Brian think about investment strategist Jeff Saut’s market predictions.

Honest Takes:

Is there any good news we can hold onto? Investment strategist Jeff Saut tells CNBC he thinks the worst is over when it comes to the stock market. Is this a prediction we should trust? How should we view market predictions in general?

Brian talks about what Saut is likely looking at historically by looking at 2008. What’s the difference between then and now? How can Saut know if the bottom has already hit? The economy prior to the virus was in a very different place, but the world is shut down in many ways.

It’s hard to know if this is the bottom without having the ability to see the collateral damage of this virus. Without a fully active workforce and growing unemployment, it’s hard to think that the market will jump back up to where it was. There are predictions from some about the unemployment rate eventually getting to the highest it’s ever been.

We want to feel more optimistic because things are hard right now. But we all need to be careful about who to listen to and need time for this to all run its course before we can claim where the bottom is.

[0:18] – Investment strategist thinks the worst is behind up.

[1:11] – Is that wishful thinking or is he onto something?

[2:54] – What happened in the past compared to now?

[5:15] – We want to feel more optimistic. Should we?