Is the U.S. Economy Shrinking?

The Principle:

How has the economy changed lately? How should we make investments accordingly? We explore those questions on today’s show.

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Honest Takes:

Amidst the coronavirus, industries are shutting down or operating at less than 50 percent of normal business, which is having a major impact on the economy. From airline companies to small businesses, places are struggling to stay open.

As this business dwindles, where is money flowing in other directions? Things like Zoom, yoga pants, and desk sales are currently booming thanks to working from home. If this is the new normal, then people are starting to settle in at home and trying to make life as enjoyable as possible. That means there is very little need for work clothes or air travel or many of the other things we used to rely on.    

Many blue chip companies are hurting now. Companies are filing for bankruptcy. How do you invest well right now? Consider, is COVID here to stay? If so, how does life look?

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[0:16] – How has the virus hit the U.S. economy?

[1:43] – How do we make sure our personal economy is moving in the right direction?

[3:01] – What’s one example of a business that is stuck with too much of their product?

[3:53] – Where is the flow of money going?

[4:57] What do we do to invest wisely?

[6:15] – What places are in bad financial shape?

Today’s Truth:

“Looking at a business model and say, ‘Is COVID here to stay?’ I think it is. People don’t want it to stay, but it’s going to be here for awhile.”

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The Host:

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