Is the Stock Market About to Burst?

The Principle:

A lot of people are talking about a bubble in the stock market. If that’s the case, are you taking on too much risk? On today’s podcast, Brian discusses the different buckets of money you need to have so you’re financially prepared for now and later.

Honest Takes:

Is the stock market bubble about to burst? With an increase in stock market movement and enthusiasm, is your nest egg at risk right now?

Brian shares about a few different stocks and how it compares to the current market. Ultimately, what kind of stock should we buy? What will give you the best reward at the lowest risk? What kind of fees are you paying? You’ve got to analyze why you own what you own.

Is there money you need now? Or money you need in the next one to three years? You shouldn’t be taking the most risk with that money. Otherwise, what happens if the market tanks? What about your retirement savings for 20-30 years from now, how is that set up?

Consider the categories of money you have: now money, soon money, and later money. Which areas can you be aggressive with? How can you build more wealth with your money?

What assumptions about retirement are false? Brian talks through the top three retirement assumptions as listed in a recent Motley Fool article. For instance, do you assume that retirement will have lower living expenses? Consider this: retirement is like every day is Saturday. Do you spend more or less on a Saturday? Have you fallen for any of these retirement assumptions?

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[0:12] – The stock market has been booming lately. Are we in a bubble?

[1:29] – What’s happening with some individual stocks?

[5:37] – What are the different buckets of money you need?

[7:45] – Where might there be bubble?

[8:38] – What assumptions about retirement are not true?

Today’s Truth:

“You’ve got to analyze why you own what you own.”

Brian Bowen


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