Inflation and the Stock Market

In the news, we’re hearing a lot about inflation and the stock market. What do you need to watch out for and what does Brian have to say about it?

After months of rising inflation, April’s inflation numbers went down the slightest bit. How do these numbers factor into a financial plan? Brian talks about a company that tracks inflation and how now compares to how it was calculated in the past. Watch out for the bubbles though. What happens to bubbles? They burst!

Inflation is real and it’s something everyone is feeling right now. There are things you can do. Maybe you delay retirement or delay Social Security. Should you consider diversifying your portfolio with real estate? What do you need to live on in retirement?

The stock market has been seeing a lot of losses lately. The tech sector is pulling everything down right now. What kind of risk do you have? Statistically, experts are saying to hang on because it will come back, but that might not be very reassuring to those about to retire. To say that the market always comes back, that’s not always the case.

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Honest Takes:

[0:12] April inflation went down, only slightly.

[6:55] The stock market has been seeing losses lately.

Today’s Truth:

“To say that the market “always” comes back or it’s quick-rebounding like COVID, that’s not always the case either.”

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