How to Plan for Someone Who Doesn’t Want to Retire

The Principle:

Do you know anyone that doesn’t want to retire? Hopefully we all get to a point where we control our retirement age and date, but that doesn’t always mean that you have to stop working altogether. What are some of the factors you need to consider for retirement? Plus, the Retire with Integrity Tip discusses possible changes to Stretch IRAs and how that could impact Life Insurance.

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Honest Takes:

Retirement comes in all forms and fashions and sometimes that even includes a person who decides to keep on working. If you have planned correctly, the decision of when and how to retire should be completely in your hands and should give you the option to follow your passions whatever they may be.

That’s what this episode of the Retire with Integrity podcast is all about. Musician Paul McCartney once said that he would still continue writing music if The Beatles ever came to an end, and now he’s still a force in music 50 years later. It’s becoming more and more common for people to work well past retirement because they love what they do or want to stay busy.

No matter what your retirement dreams are, an advisor can help you determine the best path to get there and then assist you with maintaining your lifestyle when income slows down. There are important factors that you should be considering whether you want to retire early or wait for a while. Understanding those will make planning much easier, and there even might be additional income that you aren’t even planning for. We share a real-life example of how pensions can be confusing but knowing what you have might put you ahead of the game.

On to the Podcast:

Also, make sure you catch this week’s Retire with Integrity Tip, which discusses Stretch IRAs and some potential legislation that could change the way these are distributed. There’s some speculation that changes could make life insurance more valuable. Is that really the case?

Hopefully this episode will clear up a few things for you but also make you more comfortable with whatever dreams you have for retirement.

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[1:45] – Introduction to the topic and how common this is among clients.

[4:16] – Getting to a point where you don’t need to work but can if you prefer

[4:44] – Retire with Integrity Tip – Stretch IRAs vs Life Insurance

[5:30] – Will life insurance become more valuable if Stretch IRAs are changed?

[8:01] – Should your IRAs be considered debt? There’s an argument for yes.

[9:23] – How do you determine when it’s time for you to retire?

[10:52] – Thinking about retiring early? Make sure you’re focusing on these things.

[12:36] – If you love what you do, why not continue working? Retirement is changing.

[13:32] – An example of what clients get confused about when determining income.  


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