How Long Should You Keep Your Documents?

The Principle:

Do you know how long you need to keep important documents? You might have boxes of documents you don’t need anymore. If that’s the case, come to the office for a shredding event on May 2nd! Then, later in this episode, Brian talks about what impacts your retirement plans and how unplanned events can cause an unexpected early retirement.

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Honest Takes:

[00:17] – Shredding Event On May 2nd

  • According to the IRS, you should keep your records for seven years.
  • At the office, from 3pm to 6pm. come out for shredded barbecue and shredding documents.
  • The event is complimentary, but RSVP at 540-266-3100 if you plan to be there.

[5:23] – Advice For An Early Retirement

  • Some people get laid off. Others face a health issue and are struggling to pay bills.
  • You never know what will happen.
  • You want a peace of mind when you meet with an advisor. You want to know your loved ones will be cared for.
  • The cost of healthcare and kids’ college impact retirement plans.
  • Sometimes people look into long-term care insurance.
  • Brian shares a client example of long-term care costs and how it changes their plans.

Today’s Truth:


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