Getting Your Portfolio Ready For The Election

The Principle:

Are you nervous about the possible outcome of the election? What should you be doing now to protect your portfolio? Let’s talk about what you can do to get your financial plan in order.

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Honest Takes:

As we get closer and closer to the election, how should you prepare from a financial standpoint? Are there ways to protect your portfolio from added volatility?

On today’s podcast, Brian discusses the different ways Biden’s tax plan could impact people, some in ways that aren’t being talked about often. Would his tax plan affect you? How will the economy react?

Have you worked with your advisor to create a plan, regardless of who is elected next month? What can be done? What kind of risk are you currently exposed to?

Maybe we take a portion that is protected during volatility. We already had normal volatility from an election year, but then COVID-19 added even more. Leading up to an election the volatility goes up and following the election, it typically goes down. Ask yourself, what kind of volatility can you handle?

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[0:16] – What might protect our portfolio, no matter who wins the election?

[2:14] – What could happen to the step-up in basis?

[3:54] – What are people doing with money in the market?

[6:08] – How can Brian help, regardless of who is elected?

[8:02] – Can you handle the volatility?

Today’s Truth:

What do you do now? Where do you go? If you’re close to retirement but not enough yet, you’ve got to make hard decisions if forced into early retirement.

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The Host:

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