Episode #31: What To Look For In An Advisor


The Principle:

Picking the right advisor is a daunting task. You want to go with the right man or woman for the job. Brian outlines how to look for the right traits.

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Honest Takes:

[00:15] – Brian Features A Special Guest.  

  • Kevin Green joins us on this week’s podcast. He’s a CPA who helps prepare families’ and business owners’ taxes. He also specializes in tax planning. He joins the show to offer tips on how to look for an advisor.

[1:10] – Advice From Larry The Cable Guy.  

[2:33] – From Humble Beginnings… 

  • Brian shares the evolution of his approach to holistic retirement planning. While he started as a broker, he’s developed a comprehensive retirement planning firm. He’s able to see how insurance products, tax strategies, Social Security withdrawals, and investment products all need to work together in your retirement plan.

[3:45] – Why Tax Planning Matters.

  • So many folks work with a CPA who simply helps them to prepare their taxes. While that’s certainly important, tax planning is so much more than tax preparation.

[6:10] – Go Beyond Your Tax Return .

  • Our goal is to help you save in taxes. We want to go beyond your tax return and determine what it will look like for you to lower your tax burden.

[8:02] – Brian And Kevin Explain The Dangers Of Secondhand Financial Advice.

  • Be wary of water cooler financial advice. Consider the “experts” in your life and whether they’re familiar with your financial situation. Your buddy’s hot stock tip is no substitute for sound financial advice from a fiduciary advisor.

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