Episode #3: Simplify Your Investing Strategy


The Principle:

Your investments are probably overly complicated. Learn to simplify your investing strategy.

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Honest Takes:

[1:04] – Your 401k Investments Are Probably Too Complicated.

  • John “Jack” Bogle is the founder of The Vanguard Group. He argued on Fox Business that we need to simplify our retirement plans. He says we have too many options at our disposal and that we’d be better off investing in just a few of them. In fact, Bogle went as far as to say we’re confusing investors by offering so many choices.

[3:00] – Simplify Your Investing Strategy. 

  • Invest in low-cost index funds. Follow the S&P 500. These funds are low-cost and mitigate your risk by investing broadly. Sure, you’ll experience some volatility, but over time it’s reasonable to expect a steady return on your investment. Remember, as you plan for retirement, you’re not trying to find the next hot stock. You’re simply trying to deploy long-term investing strategies.

More To Learn:

  • [4:35] – After Tax Investment Options.
  • [4:49] – Why Get A Fixed-Rate Mortgage?
  • [5:44] – Changing Tax Brackets.
  • [7:07] – What Is Publication 590?

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