Episode #28: Bull Or Bear?


The Principle:

With recent volatility on Wall Street, pundits have declared it’s time for a bear market. Brian discusses whether the long bull market is over.

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Honest Takes:

[00:31] – Investing Guru Jeffrey Gundlach Warns Of A Bear Market.  

  • Jeffrey Gundlach is an investor worth about $2 billion. He appeared on CNBC to warn other investors the ten-year bull market has come to an end.

[1:02] – What Does Brian Think Of Gundlach’s Argument?  

  • We should note he’s truly just another economist with an opinion. After all, you can’t time the market. To determine whether we’re in a bear market, you really need to examine the overall health of the economy.

[1:36] – Indicators Of A Bear Market In 2008. 

  • In 2008, and really in 2007, investors weren’t buying homes and unemployment was headed upward. These economic factors are key indicators of a bull market.

[2:08] – Business Owner Confidence In The Market Is Huge.

  • Business owners are often telling of a bull or bear market. If business owners aren’t making money, they aren’t going to invest. Instead, they’re going to focus on investing in their business because they have to keep their doors open.

[3:43] – Are We In A Mess?

  • Politically, we’re certainly in a mess. Brian outlines his frustration with what’s happening in Washington. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean we’re in a bear market. It’s too early to tell what the economy is going to do.

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