Episode #23: Three Major Retirement Risks


The Principle:

When you retire, you need to keep your money safe. However, there are always threats to your financial stability. Brian covers three major retirement risks.

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Honest Takes:

[00:15] – Three Retirement Risks.  

  • According to US News And World Report, there are three main retirement risks to be aware of. They include market risk, sequence risk, and inflation.

[00:30] – Market Risk Can Destroy Your Portfolio.  

  • When you think of various retirement risks, your mind probably gravitates toward market risk. After all, a market crash can destroy your portfolio. That’s why a “buy and hold” mentality can get you into trouble. Instead, Brian suggests you need an exit strategy for your money as you approach retirement.

[1:50] – You Need A Succession Plan For Your Business.

  • Let’s be honest, none of us are going to live forever. When you retire, and when you die, you need a succession plan for your business. Whether you’re selling your business or passing it on to your children or a spouse, you need a plan for passing on your business to the next generation.

[2:04] – An Example.

  • Brian uses his own business as an example to illustrate the importance of having a succession plan.

[2:45] – Defining Sequence Risk.

  • It’s expected that you’ll withdraw some amount of money as income from your retirement accounts. However, the market fluctuates, and if you’re withdrawing during a down market, you’re essentially selling at the bottom, and your assets are worth less as a result. Furthermore, as your overall net worth drops, the withdrawals you’re taking will represent a greater percentage of your wealth.

[4:32] – The Hidden Tax Of Inflation.  

  • Inflation is a sort of secret tax the government uses to boost the economy. If you’re not careful, inflation can eat away at your retirement portfolio.

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