Episode #11: One Liners


The Principle:

Everyone loves Yogi Berra quotes. Discover how his one liners might apply to the world of finance.

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Honest Takes:

[00:23] – Who Is Yogi Berra?

  • Yogi Berra was a catcher for the New York Yankees who made it into the Baseball Hall Of Fame. However, he’s most famous for his one liners and bits of wisdom. He was a 13-time World Series Champion and played in more World Series games than any other player in Major League history.

[1:18] – One Liners: We Make Too Many Wrong Mistakes. 

  • Too many folks are paralyzed by their mistakes. They kick themselves over every little thing. In reality, when you make a financial mistake, you simply need to move forward. However, you really should seek out professional guidance from a qualified advisor. Your advisor can help you to make smarter financial decisions. Rather than listening to your in-laws or co-workers by the water cooler, take the time to meet with a specialist.

[4:30] – One Liners: When You Come To A Fork In The Road, Take It.  

  • We so often agonize over our financial decisions. If you’ve ever heard of analysis paralysis, you know that we tend to over scrutinize every move we make. Remember, a non-decision is still a decision. Folks come to visit our office, and they have piles of cash sitting in the bank simply because they’re terrified to get in the market. We help to assuage their fears by developing a sound investing plan. A financial plan helps you to take small steps toward financial security. Work with an advisor to develop a financial strategy that includes income planning as well as estate planning.

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