Don’t Strike Out: Investments And IRAs

The Principle:

In baseball, everyone wants to hit a home run, but sometimes it’s safer to just hit a single or double. Just like you don’t want to strike out in baseball, you don’t want to strike out when it comes to investing. Brian discusses how sometimes it’s better to play it safe. Later, we talk about changes to the IRA laws and how that could impact your retirement.

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Honest Takes:

[00:35] – Baseball And Investments

  • Comparing investing to baseball; some of the top home run hitters swung for the fences but also struck out a lot too.
  • Sometimes, you can have a better success rate if you are just trying to hit singles and doubles instead of home runs. You need investments with a solid track record.
  • Some clients are very conservative about their nest egg.
  • There can be a purpose for ultra-conservative money, such as cash you’d need sooner. It’s important to have a strategy for it. 

[6:01] – Major Changes To IRA Laws

  • The House Committee on Ways and Means passed a bill that is supposed to improve retirement planning.
  • The legislation repeals the maximum age for IRA contributions and increases the age threshold for required distributions.
  • Brian gives a client example of someone who doesn’t need their distributions yet.

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