Smart Investing – Do You Know What’s In Your Portfolio?

The Principle:

Part of “smart investing” involves reevaluating your investments and seeing if they’re still in line with any changes or new goals you have. Along the path to retirement, we all make investments based on a variety of opinions and information we receive, but how often do we go back and reassess? Not doing so can cost you. Today we use a quote from Shaq and an analogy from Washington D.C. to explain the importance of understanding your investments.

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Honest Takes:

If you opened up your portfolio right now and took a look at every one of your investments, would you be able to justify why you own each of them?

You’d be surprised, but many people would answer no. When you think about all the years you’ve invested and how much things have changed around us, it’s not that hard to believe that we’ve lost track of why we got into certain positions.

That’s the topic of conversation on this episode of the Retire with Integrity podcast. Brian and Tug use a quote from former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal to set the stage for why integrity is important in a financial advisor. They also use an analogy about Washington D.C. to further explain before the discussion somehow ends up at Waffle House.

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[0:54] – Introducing today’s topic – Smart Investing 

[1:09] – This NBA star Shaquille O’Neal quote gets us started

[1:45] – How Doe someone decide which investments are appropriate?

[2:32] – Do you know why you own the investments that you do?

[3:13] – If you don’t know, ask yourself this question.

[3:28] – Using a Washington D.C. analogy to explain the issue.

[5:49] – The industry doesn’t always have your best interest in mind.

[8:21] – How technology is changing the game in investors’ favor.

[9:05] – What you can do if you don’t know what is in your portfolio and why.

[11:18] – Brian Bowen’s method for deciding what investments to make.  


Today’s Truth:

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